Social responsibility and environmental safety are important aspects of a modern production. ZM PARTS introduces new effective strategies for reducing environmental impact every year.

To improve the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing, the following practical solutions are used in the field of reducing energy consumption and waste:

  • The introduction of energy-saving technologies
  • Modernization of outdated equipment
  • Reuse of water intended for cooling installations and other technical needs
  • Resource recycling program
  • From 2018, the entire outer packaging of the SOLLO brand is recyclable! *
  • Training program for employees in the basic principles of recycling in the office (sending paper, toner cartridges and electronics for recycling)
  • Rationalization of transport routes to reduce pollution by reducing idle runs.

* All external packaging brand SOLLO made from raw cardboard.
According to an independent study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the positive environmental characteristics of the carton packaging are due to the environmental friendliness of source material. Carton packaging is 75% wood fiber. It is a natural, renewable, recyclable raw materials of biological origin. These parameters suggest that raw cardboard is the most environmentally friendly type of packaging.